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From the Principal:

My name is Lizza Irizarry and it is an honor to serve as principal of Melvin Avenue Elementary School and Humanities and Leadership Magnet. I strongly believe in an educational program that promotes creativity, problem-solving, love of learning, and in guaranteeing a safe and nurturing environment for all students. I believe that if we invest in teachers, students and community, we will make a positive impact on student achievement. I will work to provide children with the social, emotional, and academic skills and abilities that will enable them to make and have choices in their lives. I will work to build bridges between the community, home and school in every aspect of my work. I invite parents to volunteer at our school because your presence celebrates the cultural diversity of our students and strengthens the school community. Please join me as we work towards providing every student with the opportunities to grow, learn and succeed at Melvin. Go Mustangs!


Lizza Irizarry

[email protected]

Thomas Bullis,
Assistant Principal
School Operations
Title I, ELL Programs, Tech Advisor
Paula Cordoba,
Assistant Principal Elementary Instructional Specialist (Special Ed)
IEP, SPED Resources, SSPT